About Us

Moore Insurance Associates was founded in 1972, with a focus on providing home, auto, and small business insurance to Charlotte, NC area clients with strict adherence to putting the interests of the client first.  That is easy to say, but can be more difficult given the pressures of the marketplace, and growing complexity of our ever-changing society.

Over the years, Moore Insurance worked with quality companies such as Safeco Insurance and MetLife Auto & Home whereby we offered our clients customized, knowledgeable service from our staff who knows the local markets first-hand.  At Moore Insurance, you get the economies of scale and the safety of companies rated “A” by AM Best, plus real people who can usually solve as issue same-day on the phone or facilitate the online experience.

Perhaps foremost, we believe that everyone is working together and depends on each other to create a society that benefits the greatest good.  We are privileged to work with clients from every economic and social stratus.  We believe that businesses big and small must pay their fair share of taxes and give a meaningful portion of profits to make sure all community members have safe places to live and work.  To that end, founder John K. Moore and his wife Patricia have worked on numerous social justice issues funded several organizations that support our community in a sustainable ways.  Please check out Moore Place, named partly after the Moores, who provided the initial seed funding.